The M1 Carbine is the second rifle that can be purchased using WarCash in-game.

The M1 has moderate power, fair accuracy and a big clip size of 15 bullets, because of these stats, the fact that it's quite cheap and is easy to obtain, it is a very good idea to keep it until the Omaha campaign where you may want to buy the Enfield along with it.

It was originally also used by the friendly American Soldiers, but the 3.0 update changed their weapons to the M1 Garand and Karabiner (Likely a glitch). Often they would fire the weapon in 5 shot bursts as if it were an SMG, and they also tended to miss quite often as-well.

In-Game Edit


The Player holding the M1.


Two allies using the M1 Carbine.


The M1 Carbine