The M1 Garand is the first gun available in Frontline Commando: D-Day, it given at the start of the first level, and is also the first rifle used in-game.

It has a low damage output, a slow fire-rate and a fairly small magazine size. Compared to other rifles that are unlocked for purchase later in the game, it is very weak. Despite this, it can still easily be used for headshots on the German Riflemen although after finishing the Utah Campaign it recommended that the player buys the M1 Carbine as soon as possible.

Trivia Edit

  • Early versions of the game had the M1 Garand as a 4 shot bolt action rifle. This was later corrected to the 8 round magazine, semi automatic version implemented now, though the slow rate of fire echos its bolt action past.
  • Its odd that the M1 Garand has a slow rate of fire here, since the real life rifle was famed for its high rate of fire if used in the right hands. However, due to the gun's nature as a starting weapon, this is likely to encourage players to make use of the store to buy another rifle.

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Real-life M1 Garand.